Podcast: #50 Best 3 Months: What is It?

Best 3 Months is a course developed by the Conscious Dying Institute which is offered by myself and other graduates of CDI who love end-of-life coaching and education. I teach this course over zoom, and people often ask me to describe the class — so here goes! 

The premise of this course is that you have only 3 months to live, so in the very first class we name our up-coming date of death, 90 days from the day we start. From there, the 6-week course covers the following areas of our lives: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Practical and Legacy. Each week, I email class members materials for the domain we will explore that week – reflection questions, brief articles, perhaps a TEDtalk or other video. Participants spend time answering the questions in writing for themselves and then join in the 90 minute class on zoom for more about that week’s topic. We explore through additional resources and discussion, and each person creates action steps for that domain that are individualized, concrete and do-able. Bottom line: you learn what you want in these last “best 3 months” and discover what you can do to make it happen.

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Diane Hullet

End of Life Doula, Podcaster, and founder of Best Life Best Death.

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