1:1 Sessions

“Dying is active. Dying is not what happens to you. Dying is what you do.” – Stephen Jenkinson, Die Wise

Interested in 1:1 work?

I am available for individual consulting, and I also offer the Best 3 Months course as one-on-one work. Individuals are sometimes looking for a big picture view and conversation to help them sort out next steps around a death or a loss. Or they have been in a course with me and wish to extend their learning or action steps. I also work with couples and multiple generations within families.

Best 3 Months, the main course work of Best Life Best Death℠, is offered in a group setting via Zoom or through one-on-one sessions. Sometimes a group seems too intimidating or your situation feels too intricate or private, and you would prefer to delve more deeply by working with me individually. These sessions can follow the same curriculum as the Best 3 Months group classes, ensuring that you have a similar, though unique to you, experience.

If we are working through the Best 3 Months as a pair, we will explore your life through five domains — Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Practical, and your Life Legacy. Each week the homework will include reflection questions to guide you in clarifying your beliefs and desires for the domain that is the focus for that week. I will offer curated additional resources such as articles, books, videos, and websites.

The biggest difference between individual work versus a group is missing out on the experience and wisdom that others bring to the subject of mortality — but this can be a plus or a minus, depending on what you need.

Set-up a free 30-minute consultation if you’d like to explore the options.

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