Podcast #56 What can I do with Cremated Remains with Marcy Lindberg

Continuing my Third Thursday Theme of “Body disposition”…. Today on the Best Life Best Death podcast, I talk with Marcy Lindberg, co-owner with her husband of Stardust Memorials. Marcy shares so much dynamic, useful information about:

✨ Choosing an urn – Materials? Sizes? Styles?
✨ Scattering ashes at land or sea – What are biodegradable options?
✨ Headstone, tree, or scattered like “stardust” – What’s right for you?
✨ Selecting memorial jewelry – What is it?
✨ Buying online – What to consider?
✨ Preplanning – Why would someone do this? And how?

Join us and you may just find yourself getting curious about what products and services are out there! stardust-memorials.com

Diane Hullet

Diane Hullet

End of Life Doula, Podcaster, and founder of Best Life Best Death.

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