How can a conversation about mortality enrich your life?

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Even before the pandemic overturned what I thought of as “normal,” I took a class about death, and I found that it changed the way I viewed life. I took another class after that one, surprised by how the discussions about dying seemed to open so much about living. A few more trainings down the road, and here I am —excited to be working with all kinds of people through Best Life Best Death, which features: 

Read on, because the fascinating truth is, when we think about our mortality — we find out what matters most and that changes how we live.


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“People who are willing to contemplate their aging, vulnerability, and mortality often live better lives in old age and illness, and experience better deaths, than those who don’t.”
—Katy Butler, The Art of Dying Well
I agree with the above quote whole-heartedly! Best Life Best Death was born from my passion to create a place for just such conversations. Talking in a direct, positive way about the end of life brings clarity not only to dying, but to all of the years we have left to live.
Looking directly at our mortality may seem scary or confusing, but it can also offer real motivation and empowerment. How many of us know what we need to do, but never quite make it happen? The conversations we could have, but never quite get around to? Join me to explore, create your personal end-of-life plan, and figure out what matters most.
Here are just a few of the fascinating and complex topics that come up in conversations I have with people:

These discussions are some of the richest I have ever known, filled with true stories and honest questions. You don’t have to know the answers to get started — you just have to have the courage to begin.

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This week I have the pleasure of speaking with Diane Hullet (she/her), death educator, death doula, and founder of Better Life Better Death, about how more open and honest conversations about death, dying, and grief can improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of our society. In part one of our conversation we talk about the need for more conversations about death, why these conversations are important for everyone to have, and how to overcome challenges around getting these conversations started with your loved ones. Listen here.

Deathcare Decoded – Episode 65: Parting Stone and Best Life Best Death Part 2

This week I return to my conversation with Dianne Hullet, death educator, death doula, and founder of Best Life Best Death. In this part of our conversation, we change things up, and Dianne interviews me about my role at Parting Stone, my own journey into the death profession, and why forward thinking progress in death care is vital. We talk about the value of innovative technologies like solidified remains, and how new options like Parting Stone can help everyone have a better end of life experience. Listen here.

Zestful Aging Podcast – Diane Hullet — Thinking About Your Mortality Changes the Way You Live

Diane Hullet had been an English teacher, but once her children launched she decided to become certified by The Conscious Dying Institute as a Sacred Passage Doula and Conscious Dying Educator and Coach. She talks about what a death doula’s role is, and why it’s so different from the traditional ways we deal with death. It’s a profound conversation. Listen here.

Ep. 32 Shit2TalkAbout – Dealing With Mortality with Diane Hullet

Today we speak with Diane Hullet about coming to terms with Mortality. Diane goes into detail about learning to find peace and death and not fear and how she guides and comforts others during this time.

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“When death comes to find you, may it find you alive.”
– African proverb

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